About Us

About Us

We are solution-oriented people who help businesses achieve their goals with the support of technology. Reality-Bit Inc, the company, was founded in 2017 as an HR Consultation services provider to find the best resources for companies and help them make the best financial decisions.

As we grew, we ventured into the IT solutions space to help companies solve the most pressing problems technologically. We then forayed into web and app design, assisting businesses to connect better with their customers.

After successfully working in these verticals for three years, we have now embarked on a new adventure of product development in the brand name of—Reality-BIT, in November 2019. This brand helps real estate developers, brokerage agencies, and architects speed up the sales conversions with immersive and instinctive VR and AR solutions. We are passionate about technology and believe in creating a better customer experience, which helps in brand building, more sales, and creating a loyal following.


We're Envisioning a Bold Future

We want to empower architects, designers, builders to think boldly and create massively. With AR/VR technology, we want these creators to be able to create an immersive experience of their ideas and help investors and customers visualize the potential of these projects. We help your clients visualize the space even before it breaks the ground giving them a sense of size and light in the room combined with the comfort of staying at home, in turn saving you on time, money and efforts.

Reality-BIT gives an advantage of making an informed decision by providing your potential customers a platform to view and compare different properties. With life-like experience, the creators can emphasize the crucial details of their projects and give their clients a better idea of the experience at these places—which makes conversions a lot easier.