How to create a virtual tour for your real estate project, its benefits, and is it right for your project?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are transforming the AEC industry. The impact of this new technology is positive. It is influencing the interaction of different stakeholders with their work and with each other. We already see changes from start to finish and the impact that VR is having on almost every process.

It is being used to train employees, improve safety, increase collaboration, give immersive tours, and review developments. As virtual and augmented reality continue to change and improve the workflow and the present structure of work, we can expect it to influence and innovate the work itself in the future.

What we mean is as VR empowers engineers and architects with powerful visualization, we can expect more innovative and conventionally risky designs. We can expect that in the future when space and environment will be essential constraints, the AEC industry will need to revisit its processes and designs.

Then this technology will be even more valuable. The AEC industry is already fast adopting virtual reality, and that trend is only going to go up. You too can utilize this technology and give your clients a one-of-a-kind experience that is convenient, immersive, and helpful for seeing the essential details of the project.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can create a life-like virtual tour for your project, some benefits of doing so, and if it’s even right for your project.

opened new possibilities in the real estate world, changing how it operates and is approached.

So, let’s start with how it works.

To make the process simpler for you, we’ve created four easy steps.

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  • First, create your account on our website portal and submit your designs. Your project can be in the works, in the planning stage, or completed. No matter the stage, you can still have a no-compromise immersive experience.
  • Second, this stage involves back and forth communication between our team and yours to understand the details of your project.
  • Third, make the payment on our website.
  • Fourth, we prepare the virtual tour as per your requirements. You can review the development as it shapes by logging into your account. You can recommend changes as the development progresses. Once the development is complete, we submit the website for your review. After finalization, you can share the website on social media and your website to reach as many potential customers as possible.


The technology we are using and why.

We use Unity Reflect and Unity Pro for making the finest quality virtual environments. The benefit of using a good platform reflects in the quality of work. The technology offers us support for Revit, Sketchup, and Rhino, helping convert multiple BIM models to real-time 3D. Using a quality platform helps us deliver in a short time.

How much time do we take to create a virtual tour?

We take only a week to create a quality virtual tour of your property.


Some benefits of using VR over brochures and presentations.

  • Customer Experience

By using virtual tours, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. The customers being able to experience the property in an immersive environment can make informed decisions. With no location barrier, time is saved, and customers get a more convenient service. Also, by getting a life-like experience, customers build an emotional connection with the property, experiencing awe, creativity, and satisfaction.

  • Better ROI

As virtual tours are more engaging and satisfying, they offer a better potential to convert customers. You can save the cost of show homes, brochures, and other print collaterals.

  • Wider Reach

You can reach customers worldwide. Virtual tours give a reality-like experience to the viewers. They can, from anywhere, tour the property and connect with you for further details. This expands your market and gives your potential clients a convenient option to see multiple properties before they travel there.

  • Interaction

Virtual tours offer unique interactiveness to the viewers, were using the guides, they can interact with the property and customize as they tour or see details. E.g., the viewer can click on a wall and see the different color options; they can enter a room and click for information to see the dimensions, color, and furniture options, etc. 

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Now, is it a good option for your project?

It depends on multiple factors such as the budget of your project, who is your target audience, what type of property it is, what’s your goal, etc.

We don’t recommend a virtual tour for 1 BHK homes or low budget apartments. The cost-benefit is not that higher. It is a good option for mid-range and luxury apartments, bungalows, and independent homes. If you’re an architect working with an independent homeowner, it can be useful to showcase the design and collaborate with them to finalize the project.

It can be a good option for real estate society projects to show the different apartments, views from them, society amenities, and more. We also recommend VR for commercial projects as it can be a useful tool for collaboration and testing the different work environments. So, it is a good option for a variety of projects; do your cost-benefit analysis and see if your project needs a virtual tour. If used well, it can increase sales, improve ROI, and increase satisfaction.

For a free consultation, you can reach out to us by filling this form. If you want to learn how to use virtual reality to improve your construction process, click here.